The Nacimiento Regional Water Management Advisory Committee - NRWMAC represents visitors, property owners and enthusiasts of all sorts that enjoy Lake Nacimiento.

Our goal is to maximize the water level in Lake Nacimiento throughout the summer. Our site provides current information about the lake, projects, and happenings in, on or about lake Nacimiento in an easy to find, easy to understand format. more...

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WARNING! New DMV sticker can be misleading! sticky icon

When you receive your 2014 boat registration from DMV you will also receive sticker like the one shown above. The 2015 Mussel Fee is paid to the State of California to fund research and prevention pro-grams. It DOES NOT replace the San Luis Obispo and Monterey County requirement that all vessels en-tering our lakes be inspected and determined to be mussel free before being allowed to launch.

Current Lake Levels

Click Here for a PDF document showing current lake levels.



Mussel Inspector Refresher Material

Attention Mussel Inspectors,
Here is some refresher material on some things that have changed this year with mussel inspection.  Please download the PDF below. 

Paso Robles Press: Poor H20 quality prompts warning in Heritage Ranch

Customers of the Heritage Ranch Community Services District [CSD] are being notified that water supplied by the district has exceeded a government drinking water standard. The district assures its customers that this is neither an immediate health risk nor a water quality problem. 

Oak Shores Mussel Inspection Report

Oak Shores has 851 lots situated on the north shore of the lake.  There is 1 gated entrance and all of the Oak Shores staff is now trained in mussel inspection. On Memorial Day weekend they inspected over 300 boats, and nearly 500 year to date. 


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Vessel Screening Permit (INSPECTOR SEAL REQUIRED)

Mussel Self Cert Form 


Lake Nacimiento Weather Conditions

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